At Shenzhen 2021-CNEF we achieved more perfect results than we expected



Event information

On May 16th, the 84th China International Medical Equipment Spring Expo (CMEF) with the theme of "Innovation and Technology, Wisdom Leads the Future" came to an end at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. The total scale of the exhibition reached 300,000 square meters, gathering more than 5,000 domestic and foreign enterprise brands, more than 30,000 scientific and technological medical products were concentrated, and more than 120,000 visitors visited and exchanged, bringing a high-tech and intelligent feast to the medical device industry.

We bring new products integrated endoscopic camera system, 4K endoscopic camera system, main product endoscopic camera light source integrated machine, endoscopic camera system, endoscopic cold light source, head-mounted examination lamp and other minimally invasive medical equipment concentrated on the exhibition, and for the first time appeared in the main hall of medical imaging, received a lot of attention and praise.