AGS102L Led Headlight

A brighter, Lighter and more innovative headlight for doctors


Shift your focus to what’s on your hand

With the weight of only 185g and leather covering headband, you don’t even feel anything on your head.


Removable battery

Take battery off and charge when it runs out.

Adjustable headband and brightness

To adjust headband and brightness, simply rotate the knobs on the back of the headband.


Longer life of luminaire

20000-hour life of luminaire means great stability.

  • 110000 LUX at the distance of 200mm
  • 3W LED
Charge Time
  • 4 hours
Run Time
  • 5 hours
Bulb life
  • 20000 hours
Spot size
  • Ranges from 12mm to 80mm
  • 185g
Package size
  • 330mm*260mm*125mm